The tortilla market is seriously hotting up - with Doritos announcing its spiciest-ever chips a week after Pringles revealed it was setting its sights on the category.

Rolling out from 13 April, bags of new variant Doritos Roulette (rsp: £1.99/180g) contain ultra-spicy chips hidden among the usual Tangy Cheese flavour. Brand owner PepsiCo said the hot chips had been flavoured with a liquid that was 10 times hotter than a jalapeño pepper, and which could not be seen on the chips.

The company hopes to add a twist to the ‘big night in’, with consumers taking turns to pick Doritos from a bag for the chance to taste one of the spicy chips.

“This new format and ultra-spicy flavour innovation introduces fun and excitement to the sharing category,” said Doritos marketing manager Michael Walford. “We know consumers will be attracted to this product as it brings something new to snacking - creating an entertaining experience that can be shared among friends and family.”

PepsiCo will also hope the launch - which will be supported with a new TV campaign, and digital and in-store shopper marketing - can hot up Doritos sales, which dipped 1.1% to £175.8m last year [Nielsen 52 w/e 4 January 2015].

Now Doritos faces competition from Kellogg’s Pringles brand, which is this month rolling out tortilla chips. Available in four flavours - Nacho Cheese, Sour Cream, Spicy Chilli & Original - cornflour is a core ingredient rather than the dehydrated potato in ­regular Pringles.