To the final of The Great British Bake Off (BBC1, 8pm, 8 October), and everyone was on splendid form. Berry was her usual composed self, a picture of garden fete chic. Hollywood was all eyes of steel, prowling around like a Scouse badger daring a hapless politician to have another go. Mel and Sue were silly then serious then silly again. And, of course, there were the bakers.

Richard, the favourite after being voted Star Baker an unprecedented five times. Luis, barrel-shaped but with a delicate touch. And smiley Nancy, the queen of jam - although her cheeriness faded fast when Sue announced the technical challenge: 12 mini Victoria sandwiches, 12 mini tartes au citron and 12 mini scones in two hours.

“Tough,” worried Luis. But over-confident Richard should have been the one to fret. He over-egged his scone mix and, of course, it was a disaster. “There have been times when I have felt calmer,” he understated, rather admirably, knowing he’d blown it. Luis also lost the plot, desperately patching up his pastry while Mel patted his back and cooed reassuringly. And Nancy quietly moved into the lead.

Then came the final challenge. The showstopper. The brief was to create a “spectacular” centrepiece with a personal theme. Nancy and Richard made giant windmills and Luis made a big wheel. Who are these people?

As anyone who cares will know by now, Nancy emerged victorious. “She loves baking and she’s a perfectionist,” smiled Berry. “And to win Great British Bake Off, that’s just what you have to be.”