'Not as thin as a juice and not as thick as a smoothie' is Aussie drink brand Sunraysia's sales pitch for its new Crush brand, made from crushed fruit blended with purified water.

The manufacturer aims to build a premium offering in the ambient juice category. Each variant is made from a single fruit flavour - pear, peach or mango - and comes in a one-litre glass bottle, priced £1.99-£2.29. Crush, which has listings in Waitrose and Morrisons, is a not-from-concentrate drink that contains no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

"Sunraysia's philosophy is to provide the consumer with juices and drinks of supreme quality," said business manager Justin Presser. "In 2006, early signs have been extremely positive in terms of consumers accepting and buying into ambient premium products packaged in glass. We look forward to developing this opportunity with targeted investment."

Sunraysia already produces the Classic Pure Squeezed juice range.