The Dairy Council is looking to persuade teens to drink more milk with a new promotional dance video.

Called ‘Milk It In Chelsea’, the video features students from Chelsea Academy singing, dancing and rapping about milk and its nutritional benefits.

The video was launched in London this week with the help of dance duo Twist and Pulse, who appeared on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent show.

Gary Cosby of the Dairy Council said increasing consumption of milk among young people aged 12 to 20 was a key focus for the dairy industry. “With the ‘Milk It In Chelsea’ video, we invited the students of Chelsea Academy to tell us what milk means to them. They not only wrote the video’s track, they choreographed their own dance routines and starred in it.”

One of the students in the video, 15-year-old Jada-Reiss Pascall-Imbert, added: “The most challenging part in the production of the video was representing […] the many beneficial components found in milk through dance. How do you represent the effects of potassium on muscle and neurological functions or iodine being a key component for the release of energy from food?”

The Dairy Council would now use the video as part of its “video outreach strategy”, including competitions on The Dairy Council TV website as well as on Twitter and Facebook, Cosby said.