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The new cap will be applied to the Graham’s 500ml carton range including standard and organic milk, available from more than 800 Sainsbury’s stores from 6 March

Graham’s The Family Dairy has has added tethered caps to its cartons to make its packaging fully recyclable. 

The new cap has rolled out to Graham’s 500ml recyclable carton range, including standard and organic milk, in what it claimed was a first for milk on retail shelves.

The revamped packaging went into more than 800 Sainsbury’s stores this week.

Graham’s partnered with Elopak and selected the company’s Pure-Pak cartons and Pure-TwistFlip tethered caps for its updated packaging.

The Scottish supplier introduced the new cartons in response to consumer concerns around plastic and the EU’s new single-use plastic directive, due to come into force this year.

“Consumers have become a lot more knowledgeable when it comes to recycling and plastic reduction, and are demanding packaging that reflects this,” said Martin Shaw, Elopak’s market unit manager, UK & Ireland. “Graham’s are now setting the pace in the dairy industry by choosing our solution”.

The Pure-TwistFlip tethered cap is designed to remain attached to the carton throughout use and ensure cap and carton can be recycled together.

According to Shaw, the cap is designed to meet regulations and “the tethered cap will help to reduce ocean pollution, reduce plastic waste and are easy and convenient to use and recycle”.

In Kantar consumer research, the cap exceeded expectations in all dimensions and was recognised for being easy to open and pour, tight fitting, practical and environmentally friendly.

“Over the next few years, we expect to see an even greater focus on plastic reduction and carbon reduction across the UK food and beverage industry, by brands, retailers, and packaging suppliers,” Shaw added.