Eatlean Protein Bar SRP

Source: Eatlean 

The NPD contains 20g of protein per 60g bar and is available in Aldi

Cheshire-based cheesemaker Joseph Heler has expanded its high-protein, reduced fat Eatlean range with a new Protein Cheese Bar.

Retailing at £1.25 each, the 60g individually wrapped bars contain 20g protein, 142 kcals and 6g of fat – meaning it contained about 70% less fat and 35% more protein than a standard cheddar.

The NPD is on sale now in Aldi stores and direct via the Eatlean website in cases of 24 bars.

Made from 100% mature British cheese and with just two ingredients on pack – milk and a pinch of salt – Eatlean said the bar differed from many competitors, which could include upwards of 20 ingredients, and provided retailers and shoppers with a “cleaner” alternative.

The cheese bar was described as “a game-changing combination designed to meet the changing habits of consumers increasingly looking for healthy, high-protein foods on the go”. 

“Our new Protein Cheese Bar not only marks an exciting development for us, but for the sector too,” said Eatlean business unit director Dean Towey.

“Demand for healthy products that can be eaten on the go with a short, ’cleaner’ list of ingredients has never been more prevalent, so this places us ahead of the game,” he added. “The protein trend in dairy is clearly on a strong upwards trajectory.

“The same can be said for food on the go and therefore this launch takes advantage of two major trends and we believe it will support the growth of the cheese category more broadly. Early sales have been pleasingly strong, further adding to our confidence in this product.”