Kellogg’s has thrown its weight behind a campaign to get kids drinking more milk at breakfast.

A new promotional cereal bowl has been launched which aims to make it easier to drink up every last drop of milk.

The cereal maker has teamed up with the Dairy Council to give away the ‘Tip & Sip’ bowls, which feature a built-in straw. The bowls will be promoted on 25 million packs of Kellogg’s cereal over the coming months, with four designs to choose from – Coco the Monkey, Tony the Tiger, Cornelius the Cockerel and Mini Max.

Consumers will be able to claim their bowl online here.

Dairy Council director Dr Judith Bryans said the partnership with Kellogg’s was a great opportunity to encourage children and young people to eat breakfast and drink more milk.

“Milk provides children with a lot of essential nutrients – but they will only get these nutrients if they actually drink the milk and don’t leave it sitting at the bottom of the cereal bowl,” she said.