Morrisons Milk For Farmers cheddar

Morrisons is extending its new Milk for Farmers concept to cheese with the launch of a special new line of Cheddar that allows shoppers to pay more to support dairy farmers.

Milk For Farmers Cheddar will be priced at a premium of 34 pence per pack above standard Morrisons Cheddar. This would “deliver the equivalent of 10p a litre back to farmers who supply the milk,” Morrisons said.

Milk For Farmers Cheddar will be supplied through Lactalis and will come in two variants: mature and extra mature, in 350g packs. A launch date has yet to be confirmed. 

According to Morrisons, its standard Cheddar currently retails for between £2.18 and £2.52 per pack.

The retailer also said it would commit to paying at least 26 pence per litre to its fresh milk processors from next month and through the winter. It comes after Asda and Aldi this week announced pledges to pay their processors at least 28ppl.

“We know that the dairy farming community faces a tough winter,” Morrisons said.

“This month, we will continue discussions with our cheese processor about other initiatives that will help their dairy farmers.We hope that this offer along with the other initiatives we have announced this week will help our suppliers to better support British dairy farmers.”

Earlier this week, Morrisons announced the creation of a new premium milk brand called Morrisons Milk for Farmers, which allows consumers to pay a premium to ensure 10 pence per litre goes back to the Arla farmers supplying Morrisons.