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Source: Müller Yogurt & Desserts

The seven-figure campaign begins on 3 June and will build on the previous Müller Rice campaign, launched in November 2022

Müller Yogurt & Desserts has continued its partnership with Arsenal and England footballer Declan Rice, launching a new wave of its ‘Rice, Rice Baby’ campaign to promote Müller Rice Protein.

The seven-figure campaign begins on 3 June and will build on the previous Müller Rice campaign launched in November 2022 with the reworked 1990 song by Vanilla Ice.

The dairy company credited the campaign and partnership as playing a key role in the 9% value growth seen in Müller Rice in the past year and aims to continue this upward trajectory with the next phase of the campaign.

The latest campaign focuses on Müller Rice Protein, which contains 13g of protein per pot, more than double the protein content within the existing Müller Rice range.

With ads showing Declan Rice in a variety of situations such as single-handedly lifting a sofa, the campaign focuses on how Müller Rice Protein helps the footballer get the most from his day.

It also aims to position the product as “a full-on tasty snack” .

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“It’s no secret that consumers have a real connection with Müller Rice, and our partnership with Declan has been a real success in terms of engagement and value,” said Jon Piper, commercial director for Müller Yogurt & Desserts.

“It makes sense to take this campaign even further into the Müller Rice Protein sub-brand in order to connect with and entertain new audiences, highlighting the dietary benefits of added protein while also reminding shoppers of the convenience and Müller Rice as a full-on, tasty snack for the whole family,” added Piper.

The campaign will feature out-of-home advertising, including a special-build billboard being revealed later this month, and digital, podcast sponsorship and online videos to drive social media engagement and awareness.

Müller will also sponsor three fan zones across England during the upcoming Euros, where fans can gather to watch the action and receive free samples of Müller Rice Protein.

“We’re sure this exciting campaign will bring even more growth for the brand and, in turn, for our customers,” said Piper.