Müller Milk redesign

Source: Müller Milk & Ingredients 

Rolling out from 4 April, Müller said its packaging had been ‘redesigned to add further inspiration to the dairy aisle’

Müller Milk & Ingredients has relaunched its branded liquid milk range, with a new pack design focusing on health, recyclability and responsible sourcing.

Rolling out from 4 April, Müller said its packaging had been “redesigned to add further inspiration to the dairy aisle”.

The new design plays up the sustainability credentials of Müller farmers via its Advantage programme – of which 95.5% of its supply base has signed up to – that aims to improve supply chain collaboration, herd health and reductions in environmental impact.

Messaging to inform shoppers the bottle is 100% recyclable and contains at least 30% recycled material has also been added, alongside high in protein and 100% natural claims – in response to consumer research by the dairy giant.

Müller had also increased the amount of blue, green and red colours used on the labels to maximise visibility on shelf, it added.

The optimised designs will be visible across the fresh milk range, which includes Müller Milk, Müller Milk organic, Müller Milk Extra and Müller Mini Milk. It will roll out across Müller Butter and Müller Cream in the coming months.

“We know Müller is a much-loved and well-trusted brand in the dairy category, so there is a growth opportunity to leverage these strong brand credentials, expanding into new areas,” said Müller Milk & Ingredients business unit head Nick Garner.

“From our trusted supplying farms in Britain to the fact that our bottles are 100% recyclable, we have a powerful story to tell.

“The eye-catching bright colours will make the range stand out from the crowd and we are confident that the enhanced messaging on recyclability, health and responsible sourcing will resonate with customers, retailers and shoppers.”

The revamp follows an announcement by Müller last month that it would trial a scrapping of blue, green and red milk bottle caps sold with its own-label Waitrose milk, and replace them with colourless alternatives.

Coloured caps cannot currently be recycled into food-grade packaging. Clear caps would enable the retention of the material for reuse within the food sector and reduce its reliance on virgin plastics, the businesses claimed.