Müller is to relaunch Müller Vitality in a bid to better differentiate the brand from its competitors after a challenging 2011 that saw sales nosedive by up to 45%.

Sales of Müller Vitality yoghurt drinks fell by £9.7m to £11.9m in the year to October, while sales of Vitality yoghurts dropped by £3.5m to £10.5m [Nielsen Top Products Survey 52w/e 1 October 2011].

Müller blamed the slump on shoppers reining in their spending on non-essential purchases.

To draw on the strength of the Müller master brand and boost sales, all Müller Vitality four-pack yoghurts and six-pack yoghurt drinks will from now on bear the blue Müller branding that was rolled out across the Müller Corner, Müllerlight and Müllerice ranges in the summer.

Müller is also introducing new toffee variants for Vitality - a limited-edition yoghurt that replaces the current cherry variant, and a toffee yoghurt drink, which replaces its peach drink and will become a permanent part of the range.

Müller said toffee was a good fit for Vitality because it was a flavour that appealed to families.