330ml dairy range shot

Source: Shaken Udder

The milkshake leader worked with brand consultancy Big Fish to develop the new packaging design

Shaken Udder has launched a new packaging design to emphasise its premium taste credentials.

The milkshake leader worked with brand consultancy Big Fish to develop the new packaging design. All flavours, including its Dairy Free line, have appeared in stores with the new packaging this month.

“We needed to evolve the branding and the design to make the name more prominent and improve taste, flavour and quality cues without alienating existing consumers,” said Rob Nielsen, creative director of Big Fish. “The end result is a bold, distinctive design with strong branding and cues that fully reflect a natural, tasty, fun and above all premium product.” 

The new design has a colour palette of gold and soft pastels, with hand-drawn images of the ingredients and “made with” cues.

The focus is kept on the brand name with an emphasis on “milkshake”, while the cow logo has been kept on the bottle. The new branding also references Shaken Udder’s heritage as a festival brand by including banner-type imagery. 

“We are so proud of our delicious milkshakes, our team, our history and our wonderful retail partners,” said Shaken Udder founder Jodie Howie.

“The new packaging design showcases our biggest selling point, which is the incredible taste of our shakes,” she added. 

Senior brand manager Paras Arora said: “After 10 years of the same packaging during a period of phenomenal growth, it was time to evolve our branding and take it to the next level.” 

According to Shaken Udder, it is now worth £23.6m, following sales growth of 19% year on year [Nielsen IQ 52 w/e 17 December 2022]. The brand has also recently secured a minority investment from leading private equity firm LDC to support the next stage of its growth journey.

Consumer concept testing on the new packaging design revealed that 78% of respondents agreed the new design looked more premium than the current one, while 72% agreed the new design looked ‘tastier’.