milk Link is investing £1m in a campaign for its extra mature Cheddar brand Tickler that will include the first ever TV ad for the brand - voiced by Stuart Hall of TV game show It’s a Knockout and Radio 5 Live.

The 20-second ad, which features the strapline “nothing will tickle you like Tickler”, will hit TV screens on 2 July and run throughout the summer.

In the ad, a mysterious tickling hand offers a female shopper browsing a “sea of Cheddar” in the cheese aisle a taste of Tickler, which she then places in her trolley.

The campaign would target 35 to 55-year-old “foodie-focused” shoppers, said Milk Link.

Tickler was one of the fastest-growing extra mature Cheddar brands on the market and Milk Link had received “unprecedented” consumer response to previous Tickler campaigns, claimed senior brand manager Jan Finley. “We’re expecting this one to build on that.”

Print ads will run in food magazines, and packs have been tweaked to incorporate the phrase, ‘a fabulously tasty Cheddar’. The ‘sweet & tangy, strong & tasty’ descriptor has been replaced with ‘tantalisingly tangy and sweet’.