A2 - the new functional milk brand from Robert Wiseman Dairies - is to make its debut in Tesco next month, The Grocer can reveal.

It will hit shelves in Tesco’s largest stores from 10 September in two-litre whole and semi-skimmed bottles.

The listing comes as Tesco ramps up its functional fresh milk offer. As well as stocking brands such as Cravendale, Lactofree and Flora Pro-activ, in June, it launched Tesco Healthy Bones Milk and Tesco Multivitamins Milk into 543 stores.

Wiseman announced the launch of A2 - which only contains A2 protein and will be targeted at consumers who have problems digesting conventional milk (which contains A1 and A2 protein) - in November.

Unlike Cravendale, Lactofree and Flora Pro-activ, it is simply pasteurised milk and has not been through any other production process.

In a joint venture between Wiseman and New Zealand’s A2 Corporation, it will be produced by A2 Milk (UK) using cows that have been identified as only producing milk with A2, and not A1, protein.

A2’s effectiveness had already been “proven” in Australia where it had “improved the quality of life for thousands, while adding significant value to the category,” said Sean Uprichard, CEO of A2 Milk (UK).

Earlier this year, A2 took a 6% value share of the Australian milk market following a TV ad campaign.

The milk’s packaging has been modified for the UK market, and the strapline on the front of bottles will read ‘the natural answer’ instead of ‘feel the difference’, which is inscribed on bottles in Australia.

A2 Milk (UK) will support the launch with outdoor and national press advertising and it will also promote the milk to healthcare professionals.

A2 Milk (UK) is discussing further listings with other retailers.