Wyke Farms Ivy's Reserve Vintage Cheddar image

In the first major listing for the product, it was made available in Tesco stores on 12 September

Wyke Farms has secured a first major UK supermarket listing for its carbon neutral Ivy’s Reserve Vintage Cheddar, which is now available in 500 Tesco stores nationwide.

Described by the Somerset-based supplier as a “world first” with “pioneering sustainability credentials”, the cheese was first unveiled by Wyke Farms in January, and until now had only been available via its website and in the US.

Named after current MD Rich Clothier’s grandmother Ivy, it went on sale in Tesco last week (rsp: £3.75/300g) and is matured for 18 months under wood to bring out a “rounded” flavour profile.

Wyke said the cheese was certified carbon neutral via the Carbon Trust’s PAS 2060 standard and had been manufactured using a raft of sustainable production methods.

Achieving the carbon neutral status for the cheese was part of Wyke Farms’ work in improving environmental performance across farming, production, energy and conservation.

“This has been a 12-year journey for us,” said Clothier. “We started our 100% Green strategy in 2010 when we made a commitment to energy independence and generating all of our gas and electric from renewables.”

The cheese is made with 100% green energy including solar power and biogas generated from farm and dairy waste. The company’s anaerobic digester saves 20 million kilos of CO2 every year, as well as providing a natural fertiliser used on local farms to displace artificial nitrogen usage.

Wyke Farms also undertakes conservation work such as leaving uncultivated areas to wildflowers and other species, planting trees and putting up bird boxes.

“Ivy’s Reserve is a world first and an industry shake-up,” added Clothier. “This will continue to be our focus in the years ahead as we push for more net positive improvements.”

The company plans on adding further carbon neutral products to its portfolio over the next 12 months.