The brand’s biggest-ever ATL investment, double its outlay in 2023, will run until 1 July

Yazoo has launched a £6m marketing campaign for its Thick n’ Creamy milkshake.

The campaign marks the brand’s biggest-ever ATL investment, double its outlay in 2023, and will run until 1 July.

The hero advert is a self-referential adoption of Yazoo’s 2023 TV creative, and builds on the brand’s ethos of shaking up the mundane and injecting moments of fun into everyday life.

The TV ad opens with last year’s setting of three friends in a car enjoying Yazoo and listening to TLC’s No Scrubs. The camera then zooms out to show two people watching the advert at home, whilst enjoying their preferred Yazoo.

Turning to his friend, one individual comments: “I know you love their classic, but I’m all about Yazoo’s new Think n’ Creamy” before showing a close-up pour shot to show the texture of the new range.

“As the number one traditional flavoured milk brand, we are perfectly placed to drive category growth through trend-led innovations and ATL investment,” said Ali Heal, brand manager at Yazoo. “We’re going big in 2024 by doubling our media spend to raise awareness of our delicious new Thick n’ Creamy range, as well as continuing to support our existing core portfolio.

“Thick n’ Creamy offers an affordable indulgence that is an ideal treat at any time of day,” she added. “We wanted to showcase our consumers’ passion for the thicker format through our creative, which in true Yazoo style, offers a playful twist on the traditional advert.”

It will air on national TV channels including ITV, ITV2, ITVBe, Sky Media and Channel 4, and be shown via targeted VoD and social media placements on TikTok and YouTube.

The campaign is set to reach 93% of 16 to 54-years-olds in the UK.

“Sales of flavoured milk peaks in the summer months, and whilst Yazoo already has a prompted awareness of 96%, we’re expecting to reach millions of milkshake lovers this year with our largest-ever media investment,” added Heal. “Retailers should ensure their shelves are stocked, and the chillers are filled to meet demand.”