Diageo has brought out its smallest-yet bottle of Smirnoff to appeal to thrifty shoppers who only want the odd tipple.

The 10cl bottle (rsp: £2.89), rolling into c-stores now, features the same design as the 70cl bottle, and follows research showing that 72% of convenience shoppers buy vodka as "something for tonight".

It is twice the size of the Smirnoff 5cl minature.

"The new size will cater for consumers who want to purchase a smaller size of Smirnoff for these on-the-day, at-home occasions," said Sarah Gilbert, senior brand manager, Smirnoff.

"It will also appeal to the growing number of consumers who are purchasing smaller pack sizes more frequently as a way of ­cutting down on expenditure."

Diageo ­also revealed that fractional whiskey sales were up, with bottles of Talisker 20cl malt whiskey up 893% off the back of new ­listings.