Easyfoodstore, the first venture of EasyJet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou into discount groceries, has been forced to limit the amount of items customers can purchase to prevent other retailers reselling its stock for a profit.

The company opened its first store in Park Royal, North West London earlier this month, selling a small range of store cupboard groceries with an introductory offer of everything for 25p during the month of February.

The high demand caused by the initial publicity when the store opened resulted in the venture quickly running out of stock and having to close for two days during its first week of trading.

After reopening it added a security guard and limited the number of shoppers allowed to enter the 750 sq ft store at any particular time.

In a statement detailing the latest changes to its policies, the company said it was responding to overwhelming demand for its 25p offer.

As of today customers will be limited to 10 units of the same item per day. Easyfoodstore said “this is to prevent shopkeepers from purchasing stock to resell at a higher price”.

The store, which originally opened daily between 9am and 6pm, will now only trade between 11am and 5pm - this, it said, is to facilitate restocking and cleaning the store.

Further changes are set for 1 March, when the range will be reduced from around 70 SKUs to 40 of its bestselling lines, while the new price per item is set to increase from 25p to 29p during March and April.

Easyfoodstore is currently sourcing own-label products from wholesalers Booker and Bestway. It is understood to be paying the same as any other retailer for the items and even the higher price of 29p per item would not cover the cost of the goods.