Confectionery fixture Cadbury

Cadbury’s chocolate egss will soon be available in Poundland as part of the deal struck with manufacturer Mondelez

Poundland is selling 40 new big brand lines after striking deals with big-name suppliers including Mondelez, Haribo, Reckitt Benckiser, Britvic, GSK, P&G and Mars.

Cadbury Mini Eggs (90g), Kinder Bueno (x3, 129g), and Matchmakers (130g) are among the confectionery being sold for £1, while a box of Cadbury Milk Tray (180g) retails at £2.

Aquafresh Mouthwash (£1, 500ml) has also been introduced alongside higher priced items including Sensodyne Mild Mint toothpaste (£2, 75ml), Lenor Deep Sea Minerals fabric conditioner (£2, 875ml), and Ariel 3 in 1 Regular Pods 25s and Fairy Non Bio Pods 25s, which hold rsps of £5.

“We’re in the game of scoring the best prices for our customers not just in January, but every day of the year,” said Poundland managing director Barry Williams.

“Alongside our suppliers, we’ve been working hard to make this happen, and it’s the strength and trust that we’ve built with our partners that has made it such a smooth journey.”

GSK customer business manager James Fletcher, added: “Our relationship with the Poundland buyers is extremely unique. Together we work hard to make sure their customers can shop for great quality medication and toothpaste without spending more pounds than they need to. We’re looking forward to adding even more lines to their shelves as the year progresses.”

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