Poundland’s transactional website will eventually offer click & collect, chief executive Jim McCarthy has revealed.

The retailer, which will launch an online trial in the next four months, planned to add click & collect in stores at a later stage, he said.

“We have to respond to the trends in the market and there’s no doubt that click & collect is a service a lot of our customers would use,” he said. “The supermarkets have done a good job with click & collect but we want to find a way to utilise in a unique way.”

However, first it will focus on the trial website, which will offer a limited range and themed baskets featuring only items from a certain category.

Several online pound shops have launched in recent months, including Poundworld’s Poundshop.com, but McCarthy said he was confident Poundland’s would stand out.

“We will directly source and pick and pack online baskets, and make sure online replicates the treasure hunt feel our customers love,” he said. “What Poundland is good at is trialling something then analysing the data and accelerating growth; online won’t be any different.”