A UK spirit producer has created a range designed to appeal to international and domestic markets in a bid to capture the key growth areas of China and the Far East.

Hayman Distillers, which originally created the Beefeater Gin brand but sold it in 1987, has launched the James Brookes range into the off and on-trades.

The range, named after a relative of chairman Christopher Hayman, includes Judge London Dry Gin, Highland Piper Scotch Whisky and Princes Imperial Vodka.

All three spirits are designed to work as a trio and have characteristics embodying British culture to appeal to a wide range of markets. "We developed a specific character synonymous with British culture to be associated with each of the three spirits.

"The idea is to engender a personal feel and create a common theme," said sales and marketing director Miranda Hayman.

The range, being launched in China this month, should capture increased Asian demand for spirits - particularly heritage brands from Europe - the company says. Figures published by the Scotch Whisky Association show that exports of Scotch whisky to China have increased by 86%, to £46m.