Italian ingredients brands Dolmio and Napolina have both moved into the top five grocery chart this week with Dolmio having offers across three of the five retailers, favouring the 'x for y' mechanic in Asda and Sainsbury's and buy-one-get-one-free in Somerfield.

Napolina had offers in four of the retailers with its pasta, pasta sauces and plum tomato products, using the 'save' mechanic in Asda and Sainsbury's and buy-one-get-one-free in Morrisons and Somerfield.

When looking at where the best offers are available, it is a mixed story as each retailer starts with a different base price, making the savings vary quite significantly.

When looked at in terms of who has the best promotional price across like-for-like products, Somerfield's buy-one-get-one-free offer at £1.85 for Dolmio sauces makes it the top saver versus Asda's '2 for £2' offer.

For Napolina's 1kg pasta, Asda's price of £1, a saving of 68p, makes this the best offer. However, Sainsbury's base price was lower at only £1.57, but with a save offer only down to £1.04, the offer is still not quite as significant as that of Asda's.

For the beers, wines & spirits category, although Stella Artois is number one this week, wine offers have increased significantly over the last few weeks, with Echo Falls and Hardy's having a 19% share of activity and Banrock 18%.

Echo Falls' 75cl wines were promoted across three retailers with Morrisons save offer of £3.29 being the best promotional price.

The Hardy's brands had different offers in each retailer, so no comparisons can be made. However, Somerfield's Hardy's Cellar Wines used the save mechanic with a price drop from £6.99 to £3.49.

Banrock Station Wine 75cl was promoted in Sainsbury's and Somerfield and was displayed in more than one key promotional space in each retailer with the save mechanic. Somerfield had the best offer with the promotional price of £2.68 (down from £5.36).