Wrigley's X-Cite, which joined the fray in April, has also done well on distribution ­ in 85% of chewing gum outlets ­ but it shows a lower rate of trial. Only 3% of households have been tempted and only one-tenth of those bought a second time. Little Rolos, however, have fared better with one in four consumers who have tried it digging into their pockets for a second time. That might prompt more retailers to list it ­ so far only 65% of those who can do so ­ but initial trial still needs a push as only around 6% of households have succumbed. Nestlé's Milky Bar Munchies and Masterfoods M&M's Crispy brand extensions have yet to set the world on fire, despite high profile pedigrees. Both have distribution in around two thirds of possible outlets, with 3.5% of households trying the Munchies and 2% the Crispy's so far. Repeat purchase rates were 14% and 10% respectively. CadburyTreborBassett shouldn't be complacent though, as Nestlé's new Double Cream chocolate bar may well be snapping at Dream's heels by the end of the year. It stepped into the arena last month so figures are not yet available, but launch support of £9m looks set to liven up competition. {{MARKETING - BRANDWATCH }}