Global Brands has unveiled its new Hooper’s range of RTDs based on traditional British flavours.

The Hooper’s name is best known for its association with the Hooper’s Hooch ‘alcopop’ brand, which made its debut in the 1990s and was relaunched by Global earlier this year. Global dropped the Hooper’s name from Hooch and is selling it under the tagline ‘Refreshment with Bite’.

The new Hooper’s RTD range is being pitched as “uniquely British artisanal alcoholic beverages made with natural ingredients”. The range is packaged in 500ml brown bottles with a label design inspired by traditional barrels and comprises three 4% abv products - Cloudy Lemonade, Dandelion & Burdock and Ginger Brew.

Global, which has licensed Hooper’s from Molson Coors, said the drinks were aimed at  25 to 45-year-old drinkers and were designed to be served over ice.

The company said the range took its name from William Hooper, an explorer who travelled the globe searching for inspiration for refreshing alcoholic drinks, and claimed the original Hooper’s Ginger Brew traced its roots back to 1817.

“Fruit ciders and alcoholic ginger beers are driving very strong growth as consumers favour sweeter tasting drinks, and the Hooper’s range meets evolving consumer needs for refreshing, classically British flavours with heritage and a modern twist,” said Global Brands marketing director Simon Green.

The range would capitalise on the current trend for nostalgia brands made using traditional techniques and natural ingredients, he added.