Thank you for another great insight into the pasta and sauces market. It's good to see the dry pasta category showing growth after several years of stagnation.

I do, however, take issue with your headline 'Character pastas feel the pinch'. It's true that sales of canned character pastas have been on the decline for a number of years on the back of bad publicity high fat, salt and sugar. But your article fails to mention a whole category of character pasta. Fun Foods 4 All has a range of organic dry pasta products, Scooby-Doo, Simpsons, Bob the Builder and Thomas and Friends, with retail sales set to reach £1.5m in 2009 a 35% increase on the previous year.

The growth is attributed to parents switching into the healthier dry pasta option, which offers improved value for money at about 10p per serving.     

In 2010, we will be launching new products into related categories that will further accelerate growth by providing parents with products they are asking for.

Our ambition is to double sales in the next 18 months. As you see, there is not so much of a pinch more a move from old to new.

Paul Dudley, managing director, Fun Foods 4 All