Several leading UK brands have been barred from Dubai after UAE authorities raised issues with their halal certification. 

The brands were prevented from entering the Emirate as their halal certification was not from bodies approved by the UAE General Secretariat of Municipalities, according to Dubai authorities.

The affected products include Knorr, Bovril, Pot Noodle, Heinz and Oxo, which contain extracts, fats or powders of animal-derived gelatine.

UKTI and Food from Britain said they were in touch with UAE officials and were working to resolve the problem.

Although Defra said the current status of exports to the other Emirates remained uncertain, it pointed out that the largest part of UAE trade channels through Dubai.

The UAE secretariat would have to approve a UK body to provide halal certification before imports could resume, Defra said. This is unlikely to happen next month, which is Ramadan.