Dudley Ramsden formed Nisa with Peter Garvin in 1977. Having served as CEO and chairman, he is now life president - and chairman of the Ramsden Group businesses

What has been the key moment in grocery history?
The advent of self-service. Prior to that, if you went to a grocery shop you went to a counter. You would order a tin of beans or corned beef and the shop assistant would do the work - but with the introduction of self-service, the customer did the work.

What’s been the most influential product launch over the past 150 years?
I’ve seen so many wonderful new products come on to the market that I’ve been fascinated with - and a year later, they’ve disappeared. But I suppose from a consumer’s point of view it’s got to be ready meals. To be able to buy a ready meal and stick it in the oven or microwave was something people never dreamed of 30 years ago.

How important a tool has The Grocer been to your career?
It is very important - come a Saturday morning, it’s the first thing I read. I’ve been reading The Grocer since the 1960s and apart from when I was out of the country I’ve never missed reading it once a week. The magazine writes without any fear of potential repercussions.