Eblex has ditched the frivolity along with Beefy and Lamby in its new multi-million pound marketing campaign, which is launched next week.

The campaign, which forms the first phase of a £4m marketing spend for 2009/10, will emphasise the assurance standards of Quality Standard beef and lamb as well as their taste.

A focus on assurance and quality would address growing consumer interest in provenance, said Eblex chief executive Richard Lowe. "The latest Eblex consumer research has shown increasing concerns over the origin and integrity of the food on our plates," he said.

Online and press advertising will target consumers aged 35 to 55, with a particular focus on parents with children.

The campaign kicks off in time for the start of the barbecue season and is scheduled to run until next year. There will be two bursts of activity in June and July and further activity later in the year.

The press ads, in particular, would emphasise and justify the robust regulatory standards behind the Quality Standard Mark assurance scheme, Eblex said. The ads will feature lines such as 'Great tasting beef kebabs begin with a highly efficient documentation system', and 'People say we should lighten up. But if we did, it might spoil your dinner'. The online element, meanwhile, encourages consumers to follow on-screen instructions to 'cook' their own steak.

Text will scroll across the screen explaining the detail behind the underlying assurance scheme while they do so.

The campaign had been designed to allow smooth integration with any future activity under the Red Tractor logo, Lowe said.

The Quality Standard mark faces incorporation with the Red Tractor scheme after the AHDB issued a consultation on the merits of a single assurance scheme last year.

The long-running Beefy and Lamby campaign, which began in 2004, ended earlier this year.