British Lion is to launch a £1m egg marketing campaign that focuses on their health, cost, convenience and culinary benefits.

The campaign, which kicks off in January, aims to capitalise on recent scientific studies that have debunked the myth eggs are bad for cholesterol levels.

Advertorials will be placed in a range of consumer magazines, while a 'Lifting the Limits' leaflet will be sent out to 6,000 GP surgeries, reaching a total of 240,000 patients.

Research explaining the nutrient density of eggs will be published in spring, highlighting their wide range of vitamins and minerals and low calorie content. Further research into the satiating qualities of egg dishes is also planned.

"British eggs have been a good news story over the past decade, culminating in this year's sales growth and endorsement by health experts," said British Egg Industry Council chairman Andrew Parker.

A promotion with Slimming World magazine will invite readers to come up with new healthy egg recipes, while consumers will also be invited to try out 'meals for £1' recipes via the Eggonomics campaign and a new initiative promoting microwave cooking with eggs.

The campaign will also include an enhanced Britegg website with areas for health professionals and caterers, while GPs and health professionals will also be targeted with news and research demonstrating the benefits of eggs.

The initiative is expected to boost sales of British eggs in the run-up to 2012, when battery cages are outlawed across the EU.

The British eat more than 11 billion eggs a year.