Stowells is teaming up with former Emmerdale actress and Hell’s Kitchen finalist Adele Silva to produce a limited-edition wine range as part of a campaign to demystify wine for female drinkers.

Stowells brand owner Constellation Europe claims the actress has produced two wines herself. Both the wines – a French Merlot Cabernet and an Italian Pinot Grigio Chardonnay blend – are exclusive to Thresher and will retail at £4.46 for a bottle, or £11 for three.

The initiative has been captured in an internet series, Mistress of the Vine, which features Silva’s travels to France and Italy where she is taught about wine and learns how to blend her own. 

“The push has been designed to allow Stowells to connect with its core audience of routine wine buyers who spend much of their time online,” said Clare Griffiths, VP of European consumer marketing at Constellation Europe.