Tennis ace Roger Federer is to endorse a new functional drink from Swiss company Emmi during Wimbledon this summer.
Lactostar looks like water but is made from the cheese by-product whey.
The bottle will feature a sports cap which releases an effervescent tablet into the water before it is drunk.
The tablets will have various functions, including an energy variant, as well as two Borocca and Red Bull-type variants. The product is still in development.Emmi also announced that it would be launching its Aktifit-branded probiotic drink into the UK this summer.
Although it is yet to secure a listing, it has already created an own label version for Sainsbury under its Be Good to Yourself healthy range.
In addition, Emmi is due to launch a 99% fat-free yoghurt drink in May, costing 99p, and it also unveiled its new Caffe Latte Classic Light variant.