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Danone already recycles more than 80% of its used packaging but wants to improve further through the partnership

Dairy giant Danone has vowed to recycle more plastic in the UK after announcing a partnership with recycling compliance experts Ecosurety.

It said the three-year deal would boost its environmental transparency and increase the recycling capacity for plastic in the domestic market.

The deal will see Ecosurety manage Danone’s packaging and waste recycling obligations in the UK, including its contributions to the packaging waste recovery note (PRN) system.

Danone said it already recycled more than 80% of its used packaging and wanted to work further to improve it through the new partnership.

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But it said the deal would see Ecosurety increase Danone’s purchase of PRNs from UK reprocessors to ensure reinvestment into the UK’s recycling infrastructure.

Recent figures from Defra show 66% of the UK’s recycling is currently shipped abroad, where it is harder to monitor environmental standards.

But it said taking a more strategic approach to investing via the PRN model into building recycling capacity in the UK would help to address this problem. It would reduce the amount of untraceable waste material shipped overseas for reprocessing, it added.

“As a multinational business with an ambition to lead in the sustainability sector, recycling is an area that we are particularly focused on improving,” said Caroline Winters, director of public affairs at Danone.

“Ecosurety’s approach to traceability and tangible reinvestment in the recycling sector resonated with our own environmental business objectives. This is the start of an impactful new partnership and we look forward to working with Ecosurety.”

Ecosurety MD James Piper added: “Ecosurety are determined to show that recycling compliance doesn’t need to be perceived as a tax but, rather, a positive feedback system that benefits producer, consumer and planet.

“We’re delighted that Danone recognise this, and the long-term potential of our business approach. Danone is a company that shares many of our sustainability objectives and it is great to have them on board.”