Golden and Red Delicious tonnages are now stabilising Golden Delicious still remains the largest variety grown in the EU and will show a marginal 1% increase in the coming season, reaching 2,537,000 tonnes. However, according to crop levels forecast at this year's Prognosfruit, there are signs that the amount available in future will stabilise as this represents a 7% reduction based on the five-year average. Second most significant in 2001-2002 is Red Delicious at 721,205 tonnes, again virtually unaltered. It is with bicoloured varieties that the great change continues to take pace and reshape the industry. European Gala has now reached 688,100 tonnes, recording a 11% increase this season. It is already double Granny Smith which drops 13% to 349,000 tonnes. Substantial expansion continues with Braeburn, up 8% to 215,400 tonnes, and Pink Lady doubling to 50,000 tonnes. There will also be more Fuji (73,800 tonnes, up 13%). As far as traditional varieties like Cox are concerned, the EU crop is marginally up by 2% to 147,000 tonnes. But the UK has fared far better this year, according to Adrian Barlow, chief executive of English Apples and Pears with 58,000 tonnes crop a third more than last season. It will be to competitive Holland that growers' eyes will turn, where there is a 32% reduction, although this might encourage other suppliers like Germany into the market. However all final figures could still be lighter when harvesting is completed. At the time of Prognosfruit, Italy had already revised its estimates down by 100,000 tonnes due to hail damage. {{M/E FRESH PRODUCE }}