The idea for home brew kit Beer Be Quick stems from the concept of instant barbecues and has been developed with the aim of shaking off home brewing's stuffy image.

Developed by the maker of barbecue brand Bar-Be-Quick - Rectella International - the newcomer is a

30-pint barrel bag with ready-mixed brewing syrup inside. It allows consumers to create their own beer by just adding water.

"Home brewing is casting off its 1970s student image and is coming bang up to date with Beer Be Quick," said marketing manager Caroline Hoare. "It follows on from the concept of our instant barbecue - it is simple and straightforward to use and takes just 10 minutes to set up.

"The bag can be thrown away after it has been used and the consumer can start the brewing process again with a new pack."

The £24.99 kit, which has a specially designed tap to allow the pint to be poured straight into a glass, will produce beer drinkable for at least six months, creating pints which work out at 80p each.

"Beer Be Quick is different in that it makes 30 pints in 21 days. All you need to do is add water - no other brewing equipment is required. It is simple, easy to use and cheaper than a pint at the pub," said Hoare.

It is targeted at a new generation of beer drinkers, many of whom will never have tried home brewing before, but who the company is confident will be attracted by the "fun, quality, speed and value" of brewing their own.

The company expects Beer be Quick to clock up sales of £0.5m in its first year, with sales boosted by the predicted boom in beer drinking over the period of the World Cup this summer.

"This year is going to be a big one for group social events because of the World Cup and the rise in popularity of outdoor entertaining," said Hoare.

So far the kit has achieved listings in "a number of independents as well as a cash & carry retailer carrying the product throughout the UK".

To raise the profile of the brand, Rectella is supporting Beer Be Quick with a campaign in lifestyle publications aimed at changing the nature of home brewing.