Aimed at a gap in the market for "a more flavourful, healthy and convenient alternative to dry tea, infusions and coffee", according to company founder Martha Benedek, Go-Chai is a concentrate brewed from natural fine black tea and spices.

Benedek says it is the first all-natural liquid chai tea and spice concentrate available for retail in the UK, and a response to a growing thirst for chai. "Our range has significant differences from other chai products currently on shelf, where choices are either dry tea with spices, in which the spice flavours deteriorate over time, or powders that contain preservatives, E- numbers and high sugar content," she adds.

The spicy chai tea sector has experienced strong growth in the US in both retail and foodservice, while in the UK tea sector, chai concentrates was an empty niche before the launch of Go-Chai, according to Benedek.

Originally from the US, Benedek came to the UK 15 years ago to set up home with her English husband. Having spend her married life as a housewife, she was on the lookout for a new career when she lost her spouse to cancer a few years ago.

"I have been making my own chai drinks at home for years, because I found the instant chai powders and syrup-based offerings available in the UK disappointing," she says. "The popularity of the concept confirmed that there was a growing demand for such drinks, and so I decided to make a business out of it by mass producing what I was already making for my own consumption"

Still in its infancy, the range made its debut at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair in September, where it created a stir, according to Benedek. As a result, it has so far gained listings in urban centre speciality grocery stores and independent cafés.

Since the show, the company has been hard at work trying to increase sales and is currently in discussions with distributors and wholesalers.

The range, which is positioned as an everyday low sugar and fat free offering - depending on what type milk is used when mixing - currently includes an original and a vanilla variant. A caffeine-free version and further flavours are also in the pipeline.