Neat Grocer Gold

Source: The Grocer

Neat co-founder & CEO Josie Hardfield with co-founder Ryan McSorely

Winner: Neat

Using knowledge and experience gained from their time at Method and Ecover, Josie Harfield and Ryan McSorley launched sustainable cleaning brand Neat in 2020.

Its key selling point lies in its  reusable aluminium spray bottles, which can be refilled with Neat’s own concentrated, plant-based cleaning fluid (packaged in easily recycled glass). Not one piece of single-use plastic is to be found among the brand’s portfolio of stylish and eco-friendly products.

Having set a goal in 2021 to secure 1,000 distribution points, Neat ended the year with 2,954. Its on-trend credentials have won listings with the likes of Tesco, Waitrose and Booths, as well as celebrity fans including Fearne Cotton, Davina McCall and Daisy Lowe.

The brand looks good, makes sustainably minded shoppers feel good, and has a compelling story, the judges agreed.


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