Winner: Tesco

For the ninth year in a row, shoppers have voted Tesco Britain’s favourite supermarket.

Tesco came out top in an NIQ Homescan survey of more than 7,000 households, who were asked to choose the top three supermarkets they would visit if location was no issue.

Tesco also performed well in the 10 key categories measured in the survey. The UK’s biggest supermarket won on shopping experience, availability, promotions, convenience, use of tech and product choice.

Overall, 20% shoppers chose Tesco as their favourite supermarket – the same score as last year. But this year, it faced serious competition in the shape of Aldi, which increased its score by one percentage point to 19%.

Aldi’s increase coincides with  price overtaking a good shopping experience as the number one shopper demand.

Aldi again topped the price category and has overtaken Asda to take third place in shopping experience – behind Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Consumers also see Aldi as responding best to the cost of living crisis, while Lidl has been overtaken by Tesco and Asda in this regard.

Meanwhile, M&S has improved its position on sustainability, taking top position for both environmental practices and ethics.

“Tesco and Aldi have come out on top as the ones who are touching the most needs of their shoppers over the past 12 months,” says Mike Watkins, head of retailer and business insight at NIQ.


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