Kellogg's is capitalising on the snap crackle and pop' heritage of Rice Krispies by adding a sachet of pop dust inside packs. Rice Krispies are known for the noise they make when milk is added. When pop dust is sprinkled on, it will exaggerate the snap and crackle by fizzing and exploding in kids' mouths. The launch of this limited edition (on 450g and 600g packs) will be supported by an animated ad campaign (featuring the Snap Crackle and Pop characters) on TV and as a comic strip in children's magazines. The campaign starts on May 14. This will be backed by instore and on-pack activity to raise awareness of the product, which will only be available during May and June. Rice Krispies has been around since 1928 but this is the first major brand extension for the cereal product. {{MARKETING - P&P }}