Andrew Maunder is promising a ‘butchers revival’ after buying out the Lloyd Maunder butchers chain.

Maunder acquired the 13 shops, located in Devon and Cornwall, from the family’s company Lloyd Maunder Holdings last week, having been in charge of the day-to-day running of the shops for the past few years. 

The product range and services would all be expanded following the purchase, said Maunder. “I’ll be working to ensure our Lloyd Maunder shops are right at the front of a butchers revival here in the West Country,” he said. “People are thinking more about where their meat comes from, and quality butchers have an important role to play in informing as well as serving them.”

Although the shops will keep the Lloyd Maunder name, the company will trade as West Country Family Butchers.

Maunder, who will be running the chain with shops manager David Carter, is planning to shake up counter presentation and introduce a Master Class programme. 

The revamped counters will include information displays about meat products and local provenance, while Master Classes will teach customers about types of meats, cuts and preparation, he explained.

“It’s real theatre to see a master butcher apply his craft,” Maunder added. “We hope the classes will inspire people to think more about the meat on their plate, promote respect for the animal it came from and encourage them to be more adventurous with different cuts.”

The popularity of local food and consumers’ desire to support UK farmers was a further opportunity the chain could exploit, he said. “We’re working closely with local farmers and suppliers,” he said. “All our shop managers are skilled master butchers, so all our meats are hung and cut properly right on the premises.”

The Lloyd Maunder poultry business was sold to 2 Sisters in January, but the butchers shops were excluded from the sale.