Major milk processors have heeded farmer calls for milk price increases to cope with soaring feed costs.

Dairy Crest wrote to its farmers this week informing them of a 1ppl increase in the price it will pay to its non-aligned farmers those who are not part of a dedicated retailer milk pool to apply from 1 March. It will also pay dairy farmers who supply milk into its Davidstow cheese a further 1ppl from 1 February. The new prices will be 25.66ppl and 26.50ppl respectively.

First Milk has announced a 1.25ppl price rise for its cheese pool and a 1ppl rise for its balancing pool, while liquid pool farmers will get 0.25ppl more, effective from 1 February. Delamere Dairy will implement a 2ppl increase from the same date for supplying goat farmers.

Last week Milk Link announced it would pay 1ppl more for milk going into manufacturing, and 0.78ppl for its liquid milk.