Fried Chicken

The DH has set targets for popular high-street dishes

Food and drink manufacturers have welcomed a new Responsibility Deal pledge that sets salt reduction targets for food served out of home for the first time.

The Department of Health has set new salt reduction targets for the industry to hit by 2017 as well as coming up with specific targets for the 10 most popular high street dishes and children’s meals, such as chips, burgers, pizza and fried chicken.

“FDF members remain committed to working with government and other stakeholders to help reduce salt in the UK diet. We hope that the salt targets for food served out of the home which, for the first time, accompany targets for prepared and packaged food, will encourage others in the food supply chain to play their part in salt reduction,” said Barbara Gallani, director of regulation, science and health at the Food and Drink Federation.

The DH said adult daily salt intake had fallen by 15% from 2001 to 2011, but at 8.1g was still well above the recommended daily intake of 6g. It also said reducing population salt targets by 1g would prevent 4,147 premature deaths each year.