The Dairymen 2019

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Publication date: 14 September

Editorial submission deadline: 19-26 July (see below)

Advertising booking deadline: 21 August 

British dairy has got a lot on its plate. From a crisis in milk profitability to the rise of plant-based alternatives, the industry is juggling plenty of existing pressures and priorities. But as October draws ever closer, the big issue on everyone’s mind is Brexit. So this year, The Dairymen will explore how the UK’s exit from the EU will affect British dairy, and ask how the industry can make sure it is prepared to tackle the supply chain pressures it might bring, as well as making the most of potential new export markets.



Great British Dairy (kevin.white@wrbm.comSubmissions deadline: 26 July 2019

What shape is the British dairy industry in ahead of Brexit? How have recent investments and acquisitions affected the UK’s dairy processing capacity? Could the sector ramp up production to fill the gap left by EU imports in the event of a no-deal Brexit? Or would it be forced to source dairy commodities from further afield?

Does dairy have its own chlorinated chicken? ( Submissions deadline: 26 July 2019

Whether its antibiotic use or animal welfare, British dairy farmers operate to some of the highest standards in the world. But industry leaders warn those standards could be up for grabs if the UK pursues a trade deal with the US at any cost. So does the US dairy industry have its own version of chlorinated chicken? Are there any other trade deals on the horizon that could lead to inferior dairy products flooding our markets? And would British farmers be forced to compromise their own high standards if we give the green light to cheaper imports?

Export opportunities ( Submissions deadline: 26 July 2019

We give an overview of the five top markets for British dairy and five markets to keep an eye on

Don’t spill the milk! Protecting against short-term disruption ( Submissions deadline: 26 July 2019

What are businesses in the UK and Ireland doing to protect against possible short disruption to supply chains in the event of a no-deal in October? What’s happening with stockpiling? How do businesses plan to deal with additional border checks and tariffs?

10 charts that explain attitudes to…. Dairy (

From animal welfare to health and NPD, our exclusive poll with Harris Interactive reveals what British consumers really think about dairy

Merchandising: 10 dairy aisles from around the world (

What lessons can the UK retailers learn from some of the most interesting dairy aisles from around the world?

Creative Challenge (

We challenge creative media companies to come up with an innovative export campaign for British dairy

A year in review (

We look back at some of the biggest moments in dairy over the past 12 months


Category Reports

Focus on Milk ( Submissions deadline: 26 July 2019

Milk’s got competition. With dairy-free alternatives to the white stuff booming, what is the dairy sector doing to support milk? How are players using health, ‘natural’, premium and provenance credentials to stay relevant? What role has lactose free had in milk’s overall performance?

Focus on Dairy for Kids ( Submissions deadline: 26 July 2019

Kids are crucial to the dairy sector. They’re currently propping up the yoghurts market. Sales of kids’ handheld yoghurts have more than doubled in the past year. It’s a similar picture in Cheddar: while adults are eating less of the stuff at every key meal occasion, kids are eating more. Why is this? Which brands and own label lines are driving this and what can other dairy sectors learn from yoghurts and cheese when it comes to attracting kids and their parents?

Focus on Butters & Spreads ( Submissions deadline: 19 July

Butters & spreads are in a spot of bother. Average prices are up 4.8% as the legacy of tightened global milk supplies in 2017 continues. And with more and more shoppers shunning animal products, plant-based spreads are the only part of the market in any significant growth. So, what can butters & spreads do to return to growth?

Focus on Cheddar ( Submissions deadline: 26 July 2019

Talk about hard cheese: Cheddar brands are struggling as cheaper own label lines continue to steal their consumers. So, what is own label doing to win over these shoppers? Is it all down to price? And what can brands do to win shoppers back?

Focus on Continental Cheese ( Submissions deadline: 19 July 2019

Forget Brexit. Britain’s love affair with continental cheese is blossoming, with sales having surged 5% to £547.4m on volumes up 6.7%. Surprisingly, in light of the continuing weakness of the pound and the uncertainty surrounding Britain’s future trading relationship with Europe, prices are falling. Why? To what extent are lower prices driving growth? And if prices rise once Britain finally bows of the EU, what impact would this have on consumption?

Focus on Dairy Drinks ( Submissions deadline: 19 July 2019

Gut health is ‘mega trend’ waiting to happen, with 68% of UK adults viewing it as something that’s essential to their overall health, say commentators. What opportunities does this present the booming dairy drinks sector? Which brands, own label suppliers and retailers are cashing in and what potential do gut health orientated dairy drinks have for future growth?

Focus on Dairy Alternatives ( Submissions deadline: 19 July 2019

Cheese is the food vegans miss the most, according to research by Morrisons. With the number of consumers purporting to be vegan on the rise, it’s small wonder that the past year has seen a flurry of branded and own label dairy-free cheese launches and a rise in investment in capacity. So, who’s getting involved? What are they launching? How big can dairy-cheese get? And, given the maturity of the rest of dairy-free, why has it taken so long for vegan cheese to achieve scale?

Focus on Ice Cream ( Submissions deadline: 22 July 2019

For every action, a reaction. As healthier ice cream brands win growing share of supermarket freezers and shoppers’ baskets, others are dialling up the indulgence to new levels. So, what’s next in indulgent, premium ice cream? Which brands are pushing the boundaries? Who is delivering most growth? Is anyone being left behind?

Focus on Yoghurts ( Submissions deadline: 26 July 2019

In a flat yoghurts market, brands continue to lose share to own label. So how can brands compete? Are health claims, speciality yoghurts and a focus on provenance and premium appeal the answer?