Publication date: 12 September

Submissions deadline: 31 July

Contact: Emma Sturgess (

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The Grocer looks at the ‘mega trends’ shaping dairy in 2015: from sugar reduction to protein, snacking and fermentation. This feature will take the format of a brief introduction and a separate box out on each trend, outlining the consumer trends that are driving them, new product development and investigating what potential they have. We will be seeking suggestions from the industry on which trends we should be covering.


Note: The below list is intended as a guide for areas we will be investigating. The final list will not include all of them and may feature other trends. If you are a brand owner or retailer with thoughts you’d like to share, please contact the writer.

1. Fermentation: Kefir and such like. Fermentation really fits in with the ‘gut health’ trends and brands are pushing into the UK.

2. Snacking, reinvented: We look at the latest dairy snacking products and how this part of the market is changing.

3. Protein: Protein is now a key driver in so many fmcg categories, and dairy is primed to take advantage of it. Why does the protein trend holds so much potential for dairy? We look at some of the recent key launches as well as identifying where the protein trend in dairy is likely to go next.

4. A new breed of low sugar dairy: With sugar public enemy number one, low-fat dairy products that in the past have had high sugar content are under pressure to lower how much they contain. Who’s leading the way? What are they replacing sugar with? How’s this affecting the kids market?

5. Purity/simplicity: the clean label trend is really starting to be a key purchase driver for consumers of dairy products, as reflected in the rise of natural/Greek yoghurt and the demise of low-fat yoghurts recently.

6. Health, reinvented: Concepts of what constitutes healthy eating have changed hugely in recent years: fat is no longer the demon it was once seen as; everyone is upping their protein intake; sugar is to be avoided. So how has this affected new product development in the dairy category over the past year? How will it continue to develop?

7. A new breed of dairy cooking products, reinvented: Cooking with dairy has been a focus for some brands in recent years. How is the market continuing to develop in 2015? What are the most interesting launches and how will it develop?

8. The new ethnic dairy: With products such as camel milk and labneh (a kind of middle eastern yoghurt) having been launched in the UK in recent months, the UK dairy industry appears to be widening its horizons. Which products best illustrate this trend in new ethic dairy? What is their potential here in the UK?

9. Dairy for kids: We look at kids trends affecting dairy products – a new approach to licensing, for example?

Or new types of packaging? Beyond the pouch?

10. Gourmet butter: Ayurvedic ghee butter, super artisanal hand-churned butters etc. Are we likely to see more

of these in mainstream outlets in light of the current resurgence in butter?

11. New Flavours: We will investigate whether there are new trends in dairy flavours developing.

12. Packaging: We will investigate whether there are new trends in dairy flavours developing.