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Publishing: 27 February 2015

The Grocer’s exciting programme of digital, online features continues in February with analysis of the frozen food market. Below is an initiali rundown of the stories we are looking to cover.

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1. Revealed: What Brits really think about frozen food

The Grocer has commissioned an exclusive consumer poll from Harris Interactive to lift the lid on consumer attitudes to frozen food. Key questions will be on freshness, nutrition, convenience and how favourably Brits view frozen food in contrast to chilled food.

2. The space race: How in store freezer space is being squeezed

We’ve teamed up with market measurement agency Assosia to analyse just how much space the major retailers have been dedicating to frozen food over the past five years. And the results will make for disturbing reading for anyone trying to make a crust from the sector. So how is the squeeze affecting sales?

3. Fish fight! Frozen v Fresh: The Grocer’s digital consumer panel

What delivers the most in terms of convenience, quality and value for money; fresh or frozen fish? Our digital consumer panel, put together by Watch Me Think, will give their verdict on the two biggest launches on fresh and frozen fish of the past year in a special film exclusive to The Grocer.

4. Revealed: Frozen food’s best performing brands

Exclusive sales figures from IRI reveal who’s hot and who’s not in frozen food. Our analysis will reveal the reasons behind the wins and losses or the markets movers and shakers over the past year and look at what the year ahead holds for frozen.

5. Creative challenge: we reinvent the frozen food aisle

The frozen food category has long been criticised for being unwelcoming in store and laid out in a way that creates a barrier to sales. So we’ve teamed up with retail design specialists M Worldwide to think again about how the frozen food category is presented in store…

6. Top 10 launches from around the world

We’ve teamed up with Mintel again to pick the best innovation from around the world in frozen food. So which products have made our Top 10 and which trends have driven their development?

7. Meet the buyers

Everyone knows that it’s not just what you know that matters in grocery… it’s who you know. We will be speaking to frozen food buyers from across the major retailers to find out what makes them tick and how they see the market developing over the coming year.

8. Social media: who’s the most social?

We’ve teamed up with digital content and social media agency Headstream to weigh up which frozen food brands are using social media most effectively, and how.

9. Advertising

Advertising insights agency Ebiquity has crunched the numbers on frozen food’s biggest advertisers. So who’s spending the most? What are they spending on? And how effective are their ads?

10.Creative challenge: Ready meals, reinvented

Exclusive analysis from Kantar Worldpanel shows that kids and young men heavily undertrade in the frozen ready meals category. So we’re looking to work with a branding agency to come up with some concepts to show how ready meals can appeal to these consumer groups. Get in touch if you’d like to be involved!