Publishing: 16th September

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1. Meet The Buyers

We quiz the industry’s buyers on premiumisation, what trends are at play and how the market will shape up over the coming year.

2. Advertising

According to Ebiquity, advertising spend has increased significantly in hot beverages. So, who’s spending big and on what? Is it proving to be effective?

3. Top 10 global launches

With the help of Mintel, we scour the globe to find the most innovative launches in hot beverages from the past year.

4. Roastery visit

Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with quality so The Grocer heads to one of the country’s biggest roasteries to see what goes into making a quality cup of Joe.

5. Consumer research

We’ve commissioned Harris Interactive to quiz Brits on their attitudes to hot beverages. How do we take our tea? One lump or two?

6. Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate has gained £5m over the past year driven by strong volume-based promotions. Who’s benefitted? And is this growth sustainable?

7. Tea

Black tea sales are falling as consumers broaden their repertoire. Green, fruit and herbals teas meanwhile are steaming ahead. How are brands adapting to these changes? What does this mean for the future of the former British favourite?

8. Coffee

Super-premium coffee is flying while everyday offerings are left on the shelf. What does this mean for everyday brands? How can they compete with these up-market offerings? And, what’s next for the category?

9. Rise of the discounters

The discounters are in hard growth in hot beverages, according to Kantar. How have they achieved this? And, how are other retailers performing in comparison?

10. Pods

Can anything rival the pod? Sales continue to soar as innovations hit the market. How big can the pod generation get?