Publishing: 15th June

Submissions deadline: 3rd June

Contact: Amy North (

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1. Consumer research – farmers

It’s tough in the dairy industry right now, but what do consumers think of the situation? Should supermarkets be doing more to support farmers? And, which supermarkets do consumers think do the most to help its farmers? We find out…

2. Consumer research – milk

Is whole milk or semi-skimmed milk healthiest? What about soya or coconut milks? We find out what the nation thinks…

3. Meet the buyers

It’s not what you know but who you know that matters in grocery. We quiz buyers from across the supermarkets to see how they think the market will shape up in the next year.

4. Top 10 Global Innovations

With the help of Mintel, we scour the globe to find 10 innovative launches from the world’s dairy aisles. Stay tuned to see what we come up with.

5. Ice cream from around the world

Did you know Turkish ice cream doesn’t melt very fast? Thai ice cream, meanwhile, is thinly spread and rolled for serving. We take a look at the art of ice cream from around the world.

6. Where does the Cheddar go?

Cheddar is popular in many countries around the world but who eats the most? We team up with Statista to produce a snazzy infographic highlighting the end destination of England’s Cheddar exports.

7. How it’s made

We go on a journey from farm to fork to find out what goes into making delicious aged cheddar.

8. Five young guns of yoghurt

We take a look at the innovators looking to shake up the yoghurt market.

9. Creative challenge

We task a creative agency with adding some excitement to the dairy aisles. What will they come up with?

10. Q&A

We quiz a senior figure from the dairy industry to get their views on the state of the market right now and how it will shape up in the future.