Publishing: 24th February

Contact: Amy North (

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10 Things You Need To Know About…Frozen

1. Consumer research

With the help of Harris Interactive, we quiz consumers on frozen food. How does it compare to fresh food in terms of quality, choice and appeal?

2. Meet the Buyers

Everyone knows that it’s not just what you know that matters in grocery…it’s who you know. We will be speaking to frozen buyers from across the major retailers to find out what makes them tick and how they see the market developing over the coming year.

3. Top 10 Global Innovations

We’ve teamed up with Mintel again to pick the best innovation from around the world in frozen. So which products have made our Top 10 and which trends have driven their development?

4. Advertising

Advertising insights agency Ebiquity has crunched the numbers on frozen’s biggest advertisers. So who’s spending the most? What are they spending on? How effective are their ads?

5. Innovations

With the help of IRI, we investigate which has been the top-selling NPD in the frozen aisles over the past year.

6. Creative Challenge

We’ve teamed up with a creative agency to fill a gap in the market. Find out what they come up with.

7. Ready meal revival

Frozen ready meals have recovered from one of the biggest food scandals in recent history, with value growth of 2.1% over the past year. So, how has the market’s players turned this around?

8. Occasions

Usage occasions of frozen food are down, according to Kantar, with particular declines seen in fish and meat. How come? And, what are the sector’s brands and retailers doing to get their food on Brits’ dinner tables?

9. Retail share

The discounters and online are storming ahead in frozen food sales, exclusive data from Kantar shows. So, which areas are they excelling in? How can the other brick & mortar stores fight back?

10. Premiumisation

With penetration at nearly 100%, frozen’s players are having to work harder to drive value in the category. This means they need to offer consumers something special to encourage them to fork out more. So, what have they come up with?