Publishing: 27th April

Contact: Amy North (

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1. Consumer research

With the help of Harris Interactive, we quiz consumers on home baking. How often do they crack out their pinnies? What are they baking? What about sugar? Do they even care when it comes to homemade treats?

2. Creative Challenge

The home baking aisles are full of potential to be an inspirational place for budding home bakers. We’ve teamed up with a creative agency to unlock it with an aisle makeover.

3. Meet the buyers

Everyone knows that it’s not just what you know that matters in grocery… it’s who you know. We will be speaking to home baking buyers from across the major retailers to find out what makes them tick and how they see the market developing over the coming year.

4. Top 10 Global Innovations

With the help of Mintel, we scour the globe to find the best innovations in home baking. So, which products have made our Top 10 and which trends have driven their development?

5. Advertising

Who’s whipping up a storm in home baking? We get advertising insights agency Ebiquity to crunch the numbers on the sector’s biggest advertisers.

6. Meet the bloggers

We quiz bloggers on the biggest trends to look out for over the coming year. What should brands and retailers be tapping into?

7. Sugar and alternatives

Sugar sales are in sharp decline. Why? Has the war on sugar hit home baking? Or are consumers simply baking less? We also explore whether consumers are looking for looking for alternatives to sugar in the form of sweeteners and syrups.

8. Top NPD

NPD is a vital part of the home baking market providing inspiration for bakers and tapping into key trends. So, which products have been most successful?

9. Decorations

The pièce de résistance of any creation the decorations bring home made treats to life. We looking for the most creative ways to top cakes, buns, brownies and more.

10. Sugar-free recipes

We’re looking for some inspirational sweet-treat recipes using sugar alternatives. They can use anything from sweetener to agave syrup, honey and more.