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Focus On: Batteries by Daniel Selwood

Publishing: 29 August

Advertising deadline: 20 August

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Submissions deadline: 13 August

The story

Covid-19 has changed consumer habits in an unprecedented fashion. On-the-go is a thing of the past. And staying in is the new normal. That means changes to battery sales. Powerbanks have lost a core part of their appeal, as Brits spend less time out and about. On the flip side, TV remotes are being used more than ever. Battery-powered toys have also been crucial to keeping kids entertained as they are off from school, leaving parents are having to juggle work and childcare. So how has the pandemic impacted battery sales? Who is winning, and who is losing? And what are the consumer trends behind this?

Key themes

Brands: Which brands are winning, and which are falling flat? To what extent has price proven a more compelling factor during the pandemic?

Own label: Have retailer lines gained any share during the crisis? If so, how are they tempting shoppers?

Formats: Which battery formats are benefiting from the change in consumer habits, and why? Which are losing out?

Powerbanks: How have sales performed during lockdown? And will usage start to creep up again as restrictions ease?

Kantar data: Using Kantar commentary, the reasons behind the rise and fall of the relevant categories.

Nielsen: Using Nielsen commentary, the reasons behind the rise and fall of the leading brands.