Focus On: Breakfast by Rob Brown and Natalie Brown

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Publishing: 4th August

Online Listicle: 3rd August

Submissions deadline: 19 July

Advertising deadline: 19 July

The Story

Cooked breakfasts are back. But forget the greasy fry-up. Today’s consumers are cooking up concoctions such as scrambled eggs and spinach as health messages hit home. And despite our busy lifestyles, we’re actually investing more time in making the most important meal of the day. So what’s behind the resurgence of the cooked breakfast?

Themes to cover

Rise of the healthy cooked breakfast: Eggs are driving forward the rise in cooked breakfasts. Has the recent news coverage into the health benefits of eggs played a role in Brits breakfast choices? And how about other hot breakfasts? What about the rise in consumer demand for Instagramable breakfasts like porridge bowls topped with fruit?

Time: The average time taken to prep breakfast is increasing, now averaging 7.4 minutes (up from 7.1 minutes last year). Why are Brits spending longer making brekkie? Does this reflect more ingredients added to a breakfast, for their health benefits or that more time consuming breakfast products are being chosen?

Sugar: How has the ongoing media attention around sugar affected the category? How are full sugar cereals faring against low or no sugar alternatives, and who is capitalising on heightened awareness of sugar?

Breakfast drinks: Surprisingly, value sales for breakfast drinks dropped in the past year & volumes are down. Has the sector priced itself out of the game? Or is there another reason why breakfast drinks are losing share?

Ready to Eat Cereals: By far the largest subcategory within breakfast, ready to eat cereal values are up driven by private label ranges. Branded RTE are actually down, with a drop in value sales despite new launches promising additional benefits to kick-start the day. Why are customers turning away from branded cereals? What factors are at play here?

Private label: Private label has been significantly bolstered this year by the big four pushing their own label ranges in an attempt to combat the continued rise of Aldi and Lidl. Are there other than price pushing private label forward? What do brands need to do to recapture customers and sales?

Innovations x 12: A run-down of the top launches (4 x designed to be eaten at home, 4 x be eaten on the go, 4 x aimed at health conscious consumers) which haven’t been featured in The Grocer before, including image, launch date and RSP.

Online Listicle: The new breakfast products proving there is more to the occasion than cereal

Key questions the feature is likely to address:

  • What consumer trends have impacted the category over the past year?
  • How have promotional strategies (both in terms of price and marketing) evolved?
  • How has merchandising changed in the market?